TheoryTabs with missing YouTube videos

There are quite a few TheoryTabs with missing or blocked YouTube videos, but replacing the videos on these tabs is impossible since the “You may have been disconnected from the Internet” error repeats, even when replacing the video URL.

Is there some way to replace videos on tabs such as these? One good example is “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen, which just so happens to be the TheoryTab of the day as of the time of this post.

You have to make two separate edits; first save it without a video, and then edit a second time to add the new video.

You might also want to check to see whether it’s truly missing, or whether it’s just blocked in your country.

The process you described works but is also quite tedious, especially with the ever laggy Flash-based API. It should be easier for videos to be replaced on TheoryTabs than this.

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Any updates on this team?

We’re working to get Theortab creating fully implemented in the Hookpad2 framework which should solve this. I’ll look into whether there is a workaround to make fixing youtubes in the meantime