If video fails to load in editor, can't load video after changing URL

When the editor fails to load a YouTube video (showing the message “Loading the YouTube has failed. You may have been disconnected from the internet.”), no matter what the video URL is changed to, the same message is always displayed while the tab is opened in the editor. In other words:

  1. Open Hookpad editor.
  2. Attach a YouTube video and set an invalid ID. Get error message.
  3. Attach a YouTube video and set a valid ID. Expected: video loads. Actual: get error message again.

The only apparent way to fix a tab that has an invalid video set is to save it without any attached video, and then open it in a new editor session and attach the new video, which is okay for private tabs but is a little unfortunate (in terms of extra noise in the comments/edit history) for the public Theorytabs.

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How are we going with this glitch?
Unfortunately Theory Tab is becoming less and less useful over time as more and more videos aren’t playing for me.
Love it if we could move past this.