Country restrictions / attaching multiple videos?

Sometimes a song is available in some countries under one video ID and others under a second, and there isn’t a particular ID that’s completely unrestricted. Also, the availability of a particular video can change over time due to changes in licensing/distribution/whatever.

There are some tabs with videos attached that I can’t watch, but I don’t want to change them to US-only videos and ruin things for everyone else.

Maybe multiple videos could be attached to a particular tab? It does seem like potentially a lot of extra complexity (they’d probably need to have independent start/end points) for not a lot of benefit, though. :expressionless:

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Yeah this is a tough one. For now, I believe most of the official Vivo videos do work outside the US. The idea of being able to show a country specific video is a good one (though as you said, it would require someone to come in and specify/sync a second video).

Does YouTube offer a way to know which countries a video is not available in? That would be very useful when there are many videos available for the one song. It would help us to know if one is more restricted than the other, as happens sometimes.

It’s possible to get region restrictions via the YouTube API:

Here’s a site that lets you easily look up the restrictions for a particular video: