Triplets. Where are they?

Where are those triplets in the new update? I’m still waiting to create theory tabs for multiple songs that require triplets. @Ryan @dave

Bruhhhh I have no words. Imagine selling software for $150 that you can’t even create triplets with. With Musescore you can create triplets and it’s free. I spent $300 on Logic Pro X and it does at least 500x more. I just can’t justify buying the pro version until you add in the ability to create triplets.

I can stay patient for longer but please let us know if you ever intend to add triplets or how far along your progress is on developing an update for them.

To everyone who contributes theory tabs please add your thoughts on this topic below and also let me know what songs you are trying to contribute that need triplets. We can use this to discuss fixes/workarounds until they decide to add triplets.

  • jackscores01

if you use certain swing percentages you can pretty close to a triplet feel but i sort of just compensate by fitting 3 notes of uneven lengths within the span of time that the triplet occurs. fully agreed, the lack of triplets in this program is completely ridiculous. praying they get added soon

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@chris Any news on triplets?

Can you use 12 or 16 beats to input triplets for individual melodies?

If you create a 12 beat measure you can create triplets

Check out my link here

Oops I’ve just seen the new triplet function.
Haven’t used hookpad for a while
Don’t know when it was added.
Didn’t see any mention of this in the version updates
or no replies to the people on here that were requesting it.

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. To clarify the point on triplets, the request from @jackscores01 and others refers to true triplet rhythms that come from subdividing beat rhythms into three equal parts, where this division is not otherwise natural to the meter. It’s true that in “compound meters” like 6/8, 9/8 or 12/8 (in Hookpad, 6, 9, or 12 beat meters), the primary beats are naturally divided into three beats each, meaning that music in these meters will naturally have a “triplet feel.” It’s also true that a lot of rhythms in popular music that seem to have a triplet feel are actually just a swing 8ths feel, which is also supported in Hookpad. That being said, there is no way currently to mix triplet and non-triplet rhythms in the same measure, like this:

When we first created Hookpad and Theorytab many years ago, and it was still in a development phase, we did allow these rhythms to exist. However two undesirable things happened:

  1. Mixing triplet and non-triplet rhythms in undisciplined ways was causing notes to have all sorts of nonsense timings and durations that ran counter to the spirit of Hookpad, which was designed to guide users to create sensible music.

  2. Triplet rhythms simply were not required to analyze the vast majority of popular music in Theorytab (classical music is a different story). The only song out of the first 300 or so that we analyzed that maybe could have used triplets was the Jessica Simpson version of “Part of your world” from The Little Mermaid. Obviously there are exceptions, but we very rarely hear examples of real songs that require true triplet rhythms (that aren’t simply swing timings or compound meter).

Since that time, Hookpad has evolved in many other ways where I had some initial hesitation. Triplet rhythms are a pretty core part of music, and it’s a completely fair point that many of you have expressed wanting to use these rhythms in Hookpad.

The key will be introducing the feature in a way that allows users who want to create more complex rhythms to do so, without compromising the simplicity of Hookpad for those don’t need the feature. What we’ll probably do is to create some simple rules about how you can interact with triplet groups to discourage accidentally creating nonsensical rhythms.

In summary, we’ll make it happen shortly. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


What happened to the “Triplet Button” that I used last week.
It became available once a note was selected and was located to the right of the “Raise Octave / Lower Octave” buttons

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@downunder, sorry about that. We’re working on getting the feature developed and an early version of it accidentally appeared on the site for a day.

It’s pretty close now, we’re just making sure that the feature doesn’t cause any unwanted crashes and making sure that triplet rhythms export correctly to sheet music.


I think I accidentally caught it the other week too. I was searching to find as well. My initial impression was “oh my god, finally!” Been paying for this site for ~2yrs now, well worth it, amazing concepts. But wanted that Triplet (as do many, I’m sure ya’ll know). Second impression was that it was a little screwy to get it to work right (ie not super intuitive) but it ended up working. Big ups on you guys finally making that happen!