Can I insert any chord into Hookpad?

This came in via email and I thought Ryan’s answer would be useful for others

Are all the chords available to insert in the chord region - or is Hookpad limited to the chords from the selected key? The reason I ask this is because it’s clear that your site and the music theory it is based on is predominantly mainstream pop & rock styles of music and I am wanting to write psytrance and experimental music with sounds that might think a little out of the box. I don’t want restrictions that are limited to peticular genres of music.

Ryan’s answer:

Hookpad prioritizes writing songs by chord function rather than by chord name. This function is based on music theory principles, and is not specific to any genre of music. This system shows you the structure of your song, and allows you to write music using music theory principles. However, if you are looking for certain chords by name, and not by function, you may have a difficult time finding them (since their function may be complicated). Additionally, not all chords are available in a given key (although most are).

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