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Triplets should be #1 in priority for the next feature added

I can’t notate the verse to “Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa or the chorus to “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse because they have triplets in them. In addition to that, the workaround of making the tempo 64% and adding swing timing of .5 won’t work because you can only change the tempo at the start of each measure, and not in the middle of one.

This feature has been requested for 5 years and nothing has been done to add it in. Please put adding this feature at the top of your list because hundreds of songs use triplets. For software that is sold at a high price of $149.00, I’d expect to be able to use triplets in it to write music. When you finally add this feature, please do not make it exclusive to the paid version of Hookpad so that everyone can accurately notate scores in Hooktheory tabs.


  • jackscores01

couldn’t have said it better myself… triplets are likely the #1 most used “complex” rhythm (i.e. one that doesn’t rely on even subdivisions of a measure; half notes, quarter notes, eighth… etc) in all sorts of music, and to not have them included in a software that claims to be one of the best for not just writing down ideas for your own music, but transcribing the music of others seems very counterproductive. having to figure out workarounds for such a simple concept is not the way to bring in new people to a website with the most potential i’ve seen in regards to music. i suppose we can only hope that chris ryan or dave will see this. fingers crossed


If they do then @chris @dave and @Ryan should make it so that we can have quaver triplets, crotchet triplets, semiquaver triplets etc


New user here and I request a Tuplet coding party. Let’s make this feature a reality. Music deserves to be made with tuplets. Quality music needs it. Holy moly, this product ain’t cheap. @chris, let the Tuplet coding party begin :slight_smile: