Triplets should be #1 in priority for the next feature added

I can’t notate the verse to “Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa or the chorus to “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse because they have triplets in them. In addition to that, the workaround of making the tempo 64% and adding swing timing of .5 won’t work because you can only change the tempo at the start of each measure, and not in the middle of one.

This feature has been requested for 5 years and nothing has been done to add it in. Please put adding this feature at the top of your list because hundreds of songs use triplets. For software that is sold at a high price of $149.00, I’d expect to be able to use triplets in it to write music. When you finally add this feature, please do not make it exclusive to the paid version of Hookpad so that everyone can accurately notate scores in Hooktheory tabs.


  • jackscores01

couldn’t have said it better myself… triplets are likely the #1 most used “complex” rhythm (i.e. one that doesn’t rely on even subdivisions of a measure; half notes, quarter notes, eighth… etc) in all sorts of music, and to not have them included in a software that claims to be one of the best for not just writing down ideas for your own music, but transcribing the music of others seems very counterproductive. having to figure out workarounds for such a simple concept is not the way to bring in new people to a website with the most potential i’ve seen in regards to music. i suppose we can only hope that chris ryan or dave will see this. fingers crossed


If they do then @chris @dave and @Ryan should make it so that we can have quaver triplets, crotchet triplets, semiquaver triplets etc


New user here and I request a Tuplet coding party. Let’s make this feature a reality. Music deserves to be made with tuplets. Quality music needs it. Holy moly, this product ain’t cheap. @chris, let the Tuplet coding party begin :slight_smile:

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Me too … I’d love to be able to highlight three 1/8th notes or pauses and turn them into triplets; especially as we have some Jazz beats. Notwithstanding, the lads have done a great job and I thoroughly enjoy walking in my composer/arranger grandfather’s footsteps and experiencing what he had to solve on a daily basis.

Look here: Triplets. Where are they?

They are coming eventually, but who knows when that will be. :frowning:

  • jackscores01

They’re coming soon. Mostly we’re just making sure that they don’t break anything, or cause behavior that is frustrating.

In order to preserve rhythmic integrity, we’re forcing triplets to exist as groups of 3 (e.g. you won’t be able to create rhythms that cause notes to start or end outside of either the triplet or 16th note grid). This is to avoid the frustration of creating rouge beat timings like 1/16 + 1/8/3 = 5/48. Deleting triplets inside of a group will replace it with a rest. This may take some getting used to, but of all the things we tried we liked this the best.

Additionally, in the initial rollout we will be enabling eight note and quarter note triplets only (we may extend this to 16th note triplets at a later time).

Thanks again for your patience!



What if you make it so that you can’t drag a note in a triplet group outside of it, but you make it so that you can use the keyboard shortcut “t” to tie it to a note outside of the triplet group. This would keep creating triplets easy and would still visually look correct. You would just assume that the value of the first or last triplet would be added to that note.

  • jackscores01

Yes, to clarify, we are indeed planning to allow triplets within a group to be tied to non-triplets on the left or right side of the group, for example in the following rhythm:

However, we are not allowing triplets to exist on a non-triplet grid, or non-triplets to exist on a triplet grid (if that makes sense), e.g., 1/8th note triplet + 1/16th note starting on the downbeat.

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Would we be able to have quarter-eighth triplets? I know it’s more feasible via swing tempo, but I’ve encountered instances where I need just a single quarter-eighth triplet in a measure of straight tempo…

@bigyihsuan not quite sure what you mean by a quarter-eighth triplet, do you mean this?

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Yes, like that. Good to see this possible.

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No way to apply triplets to chords?

Also once I click the Make Triplet button the note editor seems to lose keyboard focus. This is rather annoying for the text-based input mode since I cannot use the arrow keys to select the next notes until the note editor regains focus.

Will look into the keyboard focus issues. No triplet changes for chords at the moment. If you see other issues issues let us know!

Triplets For Chords yes.

I was wondering if you still plan on adding 16th note triplets. If you are concerned about visibility issues you should make tabs with 16th note triplets automatically zoomed in by one press of the zoom button (you should also make it so you can see the zoom buttons by default). I don’t think the visibility of the triplets in the Hookpad software would be a problem - just on the Theorytab website.

If you think this isn’t relevant enough here is an example of a song that needs this feature (It’s chorus specifically):

I had to double the tempo to make it work but it hurts to do that.