TheoryTab Trends: Limitations, usability issues and inconsistencies

TheoryTab Trends is a great resource, but is very frustrating to use with many areas for easy improvement.

  1. Most important. Its primary a tool for exploring chord progressions, not melodies, but is the only place that the melody/lead can’t be muted.

  2. Also, as previously reported, the inability to mute the melody is compounded by the fact there is no mixer control and the default fixed volumes are incorrect causing the melody to be significantly louder than the harmony/chords than playing the same section in Hookpad or the TheoryTab DB.

  1. When switching between results the playback cursor doesn’t return to the beginning. If I stop playback on a song in the middle of measure 6, why would I wan’t to start playback in the middle of measure 6 for an entirely different song?

  2. When either the scale or mode is changed, the current selected chord progression is reset. This seems like a bug and should only occur when clicking the reset button.
    When looking for I → V progressions in C major, switching to D major should just show I → V progressions in that key. If I switch to a minor key it should show i → v progressions etc.

  3. Metrics should be visible like elsewhere, as they are useful to refer to before deciding to open a result in the TheoryTab DB.

  4. Related to above there should be an option to open a result directly in Hookpad from the results page.

Basically Trends should be consistent with other parts of the website, or at the least, not remove the most important options.

Thanks for the consideration. :slightly_smiling_face: