Volume difference between TheoryTab DB and Hookpad playback

I’m constantly having to adjust the volume between the TheoryTab preview, and the same song opened in Hookpad.

A quick test confirms TheoryTab is ~4.5 I-LUFS quieter.
This is even more of an issue as unlike the Hookpad mixer, the TheoryTab volume default is already 100%, with no compressor option, where Hookpad is noticeably louder at 70%.

Please standardize the playback volumes and default mixer settings/options.


Thanks for pointing this out! Is this happening for all songs for you?

I found also a few where the volume was fairly the same. I’ll ask around how the whole volume setup is working for TheoryTabs.

Yes, it’s every song. Tested in Brave and Firefox.

There’s also big volume difference with the Trends Database. Preview any song, then click through to the songs main page and play the same section.

The Trends Database page is too loud with no mixer to adjust the volume, or mute the melody (which is really annoying when trying to focus on the chord progression), while the main song page is too quiet, and the mixer is already maxed. :man_shrugging:

Random example:
Choose the first song in this list

Then play on the song page

Another related issue is there is no master playback volume for the band mixer that can be saved so the master volume for the song needs adjusting every time a different template is loaded (which then gets applied to the exported MIDI velocity.)

We’ll have to investigate. Not all songs are the same:
Happier from Ed Sheeran has the same volume on Trends and in Hookpad, but is a bit quieter in Tabs. Gaga’s Paparazzi has the same volume in both Tabs and Hookpad, but is a bit louder in Trends.

I’m not sure if we’re using the same playback engine for all three section but I’m sure that we’ll find something to improve the situation.

By the way, the master fader is not getting applied to the exported midi velocity. The reason why all midis have a low velocity is that they are affected by both the instrument and the bus volume. By default these settings are 0.5 and 0.7, so both settings multiplied are resulting in a velocity of 35%. We have already created an option to omit both volume options which will be available with one of the next updates.

MIDI export velocity is not affected by the master volume fader (or any mixer faders for that matter). It is however affected by our preset instrument volumes, which in many cases is not desirable (for drum patches for instance). We will be pushing a relatively big update in the next couple weeks which will give you an option to ignore all preset velocities for MIDI export.

Regarding TT, if you can enable a stripped down mixer in you theorytab settings, which you can use to adjust the master volume of a tab or to mute/solo various tracks:

Thanks for the clarification regarding the master mixer fader.
As none of the built in sounds are velocity sensitive the band mixer faders aren’t actually the MIDI velocity, it’s more accurately MIDI CC 7 (patch volume) with velocity always fixed at 100.

As most virtual instruments are velocity sensitive I’d probably want each sound exported at the same velocity and the mixer volume mapped to CC 7 for recreating the relative balance in my DAW.

Also, I’m aware of the TT DB mixer, the problem is the default output is too quiet, and can only be lowered. It’s output is less than the Hookpad default which is only at 70%.

Furthermore, the TT Trends section has no mixer at all, and chord progressions can barely be heard over the bashing piano melody which is far louder than any other area of the website, making what should be one of the better features almost unusable. Try it for yourself. :hear_no_evil: