Syncing YouTube: Brackets don't work

I’m unable to sync YouTube videos with my Hookpad projects, since the shortcuts “[” and “]” don’t work, and so I cannot set start and end times. (I’ve been fiddling with the << and >> to try to get around it manually, but it takes forever, and I have never quite been able to match the sync exactly.)
I’m on a Mac and figure this might explain the problem. But still… it’s annoying and disappointing that, as a Hookpad+ member, I am unable to contribute because of such a small thing.

Do you have Caps Lock toggled on? As I’ve found in in this thread, some keys don’t work if Caps Lock is on.

However, the brackets should work, you need to make sure you’ve selected “Set start/end”, as seen below. If you don’t the bracket keys won’t work.

Nope. Caps lock is off. I even tried using the keyboard viewer, where I could clearly see the [ and ] keys light up, so I’m positively sure the input was correct. Also, I tripple-checked that the “start - end” was selected.

@Presstino, you can also manually drag the handles that have the Youtube time on them so that you don’t have to have click the nudge buttons. Also what browser are you using? Does this happen with other browsers?

are you on an international keyboard? Wondering if one the key ID may be different


@Ryan, thanks! Dragging the handles does the trick! And bingo @dave. I am indeed on an international keyboard. When I switched to US, the brackets worked.

Thanks for a truly useful and educational tool. For someone like me (an aspiring lyricist with no musical training), Hooktheory and Hookpad are the equivalent of a wheelchair for a paraplegic. I can finally get moving. Yay!

Also, @Ryan please make more videos on songwriting with Hookpad. They are very inspiring. Thanks again.