Some key shortcuts are case sensitive

The key shortcuts are case sensitive. you can’t press Shift-P or CapsLock-P to play the video in a tab. You can only press P to do so.

The keys that are affected are P, 0-7, and H, J, K, L, and ;.

When you press Shift on P and 0-7, nothing happens, but the plus indicator for joining note lengths activates. The note length keys works as normal.
When you CapsLock is turned on, P does not function, and the note length keys have this odd behavior where it acts like Shift is being pressed until CapsLock is turned off. 0-7 works as normal.

I can confirm that this bug still exists in the flash version (specifically Hookpad 1 for Theorytab).

In Hookpad 2 (HTML5), when caps lock is on, the note length keys specifically (H, J, K, L, ;, and ') don’t behave as they should. Pressing Shift to join different note lengths does not work when caps lock is turned on.

@dave @chris @Ryan this should’ve been fixed a long time ago

when I try to change note lengths but caps lock is on it doesn’t work whether I hold shift or not

@Vaz123, sorry about this, we thought this bug was fixed some time ago. What happens when you have caps lock on? Is the duration GUI simply unresponsive?

I did some testing today with this.

With CapsLock off, the duration GUI acts as normal.

With CapsLock on, it works as expected, except for combining note lengths, where subsequent note lengths are ignored.

@bigyihsuan, thanks for the clarification, we aren’t seeing this behavior on our testing computers but will investigate further to see if we can track this down.