Song not able to open in version 2.30.0

@DSchwachhofer i just tried to open a song i was working on yesterday in v2.29.1 and now when i try to open it, it’s a blank screen. it has content in the source view of the HTML but i did not try to decipher the code. all other songs open ok.

the song “December Night 2” has multiple tempo, meter, and key changes. some of the other songs also have some tempo or meter shifts, none as complex as this one.
as far as i know it has not been shared so it should be private only.

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Same here. Not only can’t I open my song, both in firefox and chrome, Hookpad even leads to a crash of chrome :frowning:
I also have different keys, meter and tempo changes.
It’s not usable at all :frowning:
Please comment, and give a hint how I can switch back to the old, and working version.

Song seems to open, I can play it by pressing space. however, the whole page remains plain white.
Firefox and Chrome are on latest stable version. Chrome crash is not reproducible. Error occurs both on Windows and Linux.

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same - i can press the space bar to play, but it’s not visible. both MS Edge and Chrome. not crashing but not visible in either.

Same scenario for me.

Javascript read-out

Thank you all for your feedback. I just fixed it. A working update will be pushed soon.



Ok, that is good news. Thank you. In the meanwhile, until the fixed version is out, can you provide a link to the latest working version (2.29) ?

Also, i just have seen that today, my latest project file was saved. However, I haven’t worked on it at that time. Was that you, @DSchwachhofer? Just want to be sure that my account wasn’t hacked :wink:

Same problem here. All the other songs seem to be working so far, but this one particular song won’t open in its 4 different iterations.

Files I saved this morning come up with a blank screen

Also when I change the Scale on a selected segment from Cmajor to Gmajor the screen goes blank. Guys this build is very buggy. Similar to what was said in another post I can play a saved item with a press of the space bar even with a a blank screen.

As this issue is affecting more and more people, I would like to repeat my question (maybe it wasn’t heard). Would it be possible (at least for the paying customers) to access also the archived, older versions?

I am dev myself, and I know that there is rarely a new release without new bugs. And this is absolutely okay, so no offense. However, hookpad is not that cheap, so I guess customers, including me, expect there is at least one version available that is working for them. And since compatibility is given for the saved data, I don’t see any reason why not making the old versions accessible. Or am I wrong here?

Edit: Just seen the Bugfix release is out, thank you. Nevertheless, it might be good at some points to have access to older releases. Would make it also easier for you narrowing down bugs if we could report you the exact version when a bug first occurs.

A fixed update has been a pushed a few hours ago. Sorry again for the crashes and thank you for your patience.

@dr_infantil, I don’t think we have any archived versions. But of course this is something which would make sense.

ok, i’m able to access the project again.

one consideration, maybe you have a way to host the new release and the previous release side-by-side with a cutover on a network switch.

this enables you to test the release thoroughly using something like “” and once tested, cut over while keeping the previous release as something like “” until the next release (when it is replaced). essentially, some infrastructure settings to make this work and using lower levels of performance (initially) on the release candidate and previous release systems, with the option to ramp up performance if you revert.

so why go through this? one is: you can recover in minutes if a new release has problems causing outages for several days (like this last one); two: you can test things more completely and have confidence the new release is truly working (automation helping to exercise really complex test projects would help here); and three: you could invite your favorite power users to also run a quick check on a new release before go-live as well as verify the fixes before releasing.

sadly, rightly or wrongly, reputation risk is 100% the most dangerous one. in todays “cancel culture”, it doesn’t take long to lose customers.

just my 2¢ on this topic…

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Works on my other computer now so I’m ok for now.