Someone tackle OneRepublic - I Lived (Arty Remix)?

I’m not very good at this. :frowning: Could someone tackle “I Lived (Arty Remix)” for me?

The sections at 1:41 and 1:56 interest me particularly. I’m sure it’s nothing too special but I’m not able to pick out the chords on my own yet. I think I hear a D major and F# minor chord in there somewhere… I reason it’s in A major, because I hear the 7th pull up to the tonic in the 4th bar of the melody. (Right?)

Thanks @desdel,
Could you put this clip into a Hookpad and save it.

This is what @HertzDevil and I have been talking about in…

If you put it in there, one of us will have a go at transcribing.

F♯ Minor: i - VI7 - III - VII (common practice), i - ♭VI7 - ♭III - ♭VII (popular music).