"Sand box" section

I would like to suggest a feature where users with less skills can have a go at creating a hook without being embarrassed etc.
Even if they know nothing about theory they could still be involved. Instead of just requesting a song, they could upload the Youtube and cue the chorus etc. and save to the “Sand Box”.
Then other more experienced users could browse through these half finished hooks and finish them off and submit into the theory tabs.
Often the time consuming part is getting the Youtube, filling in the name of the track etc while the notation is the fun bit so I think experienced users might enjoy it.

Just a thought to get more people involved, particularly students etc.

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They could continue submitting their unfinished Theorytabs and people may look for them in the Newest Tabs section and finish them nonetheless (if they could find the YouTube video); I have done this several times.

What I had in my idea for a similar “sandbox” is that users can write their own songs in Hookpad and submit them to a specialized section without getting any YouTube video, since:

Hookpad simplifies songwriting by helping you choose chords that sound good together and guiding you to write a good melody. It’s a musical sketchpad with music theory “built-in” to make it easier and more intuitive to find the sound you’re looking for.

It is clear the Hooktheory staff wants Hookpad to not only instruct but also inspire those interested in theory of harmony or composing music in general, but the Theorytab database so rarely allows Hookpad users’ own compositions. I am sure a number of Hookpad users have kept their own sketches privately on the My Tabs page, and want to share these ideas to the entire Hooktheory community.

I like this idea @HertzDevil too.
That does sound more like a sand box.

Maybe what I am talking about is a requests/unfinished list.

Firstly this would encouraged Beginners to have a go. Secondly tabs of second-rate nature would not slip through into the database if no one bothers to correct it.

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Yeah, this is a great idea. Maybe having “Analysis of popular songs” and “new/user created songs” tab in the theorytab page (that could be switched).