Restrict any TheoryTab without a YouTube video from being submitted

I recommend this because with the advent of the second semester in most schools as of right now, there are a lot of students using Hooktheory for their theory classes that are submitting things to the actual TheoryTab site that aren’t tabs of any existing song and are just their projects or whatever. On the “recently added” page as of February 1, there are three of these:

These all obviously have no YouTube video to them since they’re not transcriptions of any real song, so I’d suggest making it so that a tab must have a video attached to be eligible for submission. Thank you

This issue has been sort of covered in this forum topic Theorytabs with empty artist names always in recommended

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They already do, if a Hookpad project has no YouTube video attached then the submit button doesn’t appear

I think it let them submit because it did kind of have a YouTube video attached. In The Rock Song for example the ‘YouTube video’ URL is 1. Probably Hookpad interprets this as an unavailable YouTube video instead of no YouTube video

But I actually really like these students uploading their weird music


And now there’s three more, all by the same person presumably:

This is sort of getting ridiculous now lmao. It was funny at first when it was every once in a while, but it’s happening way too much for it to get ignored

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A report button on tabs with options such as:

  • wrong title/artist
  • spam
  • non existing song
  • etc

Would be a great addition to reduce these kinds of problems