Theorytabs with empty artist names always in recommended

in theorytabs where no recommended tabs are generated, these empty artist having ones will always pop up.


clicking on any of these gives a 404 error, meaning they’re pretty much useless.

may want to consider deleting them? or maybe giving them their actual proper artist names:

Mariya Ise and Miyu Tomita - Deep In Abyss
Emiliana Torrini - Gollum’s Song
Hideki Sakamoto - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Main Theme (or, alternatively, “Lifelight”)
Disclosure - White Noise

thank u

No they shouldn’t give them their actual artist names because they already exist

they should just delete the ones with the blank artist

oh didn’t see those, then yea may as well just get rid of them

@chris @Ryan @dave this is still a thing, and now there’s one more created by (what i assume to be) a student who accidentally submitted their work to theorytab instead of their teacher

the others besides the new one are already existing tabs, so if they could be deleted that would be great. thank you

@chris @Ryan @dave yet again still a thing, and now there is yet again one more (Spiral Staircase t)


this has been a bug for i think almost a year. please come back soon

We were stumped by this for a while, trying to figure out how TheoryTabs could get into the database with blank artists, but think we now understand why this might be happening. The other part of it is why these songs in particular are being recommended when they don’t have any relation. Will hopefully have this resolved soon

@Ryan now there’s another one, Misfire

I assume the way you delete them is by going to the theorytab pages and clicking a ‘delete’ button. However since going to those pages sends you to a 400 error, you can’t delete them. I have 2 ideas:

  1. Make it so going to those pages doesn’t create a 400 error
  2. Delete them some other way (e.g. maybe in the code or something there is 1 ID that corresponds to 1 theorytab and removing that ID will delete the theorytab)

I also heavily suggest not letting the user submit a theorytab if the artist is not filled that way you can stop more from coming

Fixed. Thanks @ethxn and @Vaz123 for your patience and persistence. This was pretty low on my priority list but we talked last night and decided to bump it up so I fixed it today.

Appreciate the multiple reminders to keep this on our radar.


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thanks so much! and no worries, glad we were able to keep you guys up to date with the issue =)