Playback very "stuttery"

@Ryan what is the latest version? I´m trying it on Firefox and it´s stuttering. On Chrome it was not stuttery but the instruments kind of crashed.

@Ryan is it 2.23.0 ?

I’ve just tried the version 2.22.7 and also see that this seems to have no stutter issue.

how can you get 2.22.7? Thought it was automatic the latest version.

@Ryan Hello any news about fixing the bugs? Like I´ve said earlier it´s not as stuttery as before but it´s like the instruments crash in playback. Therefore it´s impossible to export to a wav file as I do to work on in Audacity. Please update. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @easkels please use the older version of Hookpad using the link above if you are still experiencing the stuttering. We’re in the process of stripping out the ToneJS transport and sequencer in favor of the Hooktheory transport and sequencer that was used in 2.21. I hope to have this new version out later today or tomorrow

Hello everyone, we’ve just pushed a new version of Hookpad v2.24.0. In this version we’ve reverted our sequencer and transport from ToneJS back to the Hookpad v2.21 implementation.

First 3 playbacks were fine but soon it started to crash as in the previous version. This is getting more than frustrating my friend. When I export the crash of instruments follows and sometimes it skips tones. It´s not the same stuttery as before. Do you recommend a browser that suits hookpad best? Cheers Einar

Hi all
I tested the 2.24.1 version by playing the Demo song A Day At The Beach.
The résult is OK for the original tempo of 172 but song gets stuttering around measure 16-7 for higher tempos (e.g. 179, 187 )
I tried tempo=202 and even got a “crash” after the stuttering .

Hookpad’s playback is ultimately limited by your browser resources. A day at the beach is the most demanding song in the demo library because it uses the guitars which each have a large number of samples, and we don’t expect this to run properly on all machines, and may take that song down for this reason.

Einar, we are (so far) showing equivalent performance with 2.24 and 2.21, so I’m not sure there’s anything else we can do at this point to improve performance beyond Hookpad’s historical levels (unless we an identify specific bugs to address). In our experience Chrome has the most performant version of Web Audio, and is the browser that we recommend.

I´m so sad to know. I tried that demo song and it crashed after few seconds. It´s the instruments that chrashes. Also I can´t export anymore to wav file. If this is it then I can´t use Hookpad as I do. This problem started when you added in the new drum kit. Don´t remember what version was previous that. Very sad because I like this format. Cheers Einar

I am also very sad this problem cannot be fixed.
I will be staying with the free version in a “wait and see” mode.
Best Regards

I’ve used Hookpad for many years without the constant performance issues on even the simplest of songs since the past update or two. It’s largely unusable for me in its current state. Tempo seems to fluctuate at random since the per-bar streaming stuff, as if it gets stuck and then speeds ahead to catch up. I’ve an entire library of songs I’ve worked on over the years which previously ran fine (on older hardware than I’m currently using), and now over 90% of them can longer play at speed or can even be rendered accurately as wav.

If this is just a result of increased resource requirements, I have to question the standard that PC’s are being held to… I’m a 3D graphic artist who works in game design, my machine has to be able to handle lots of complex rendering and easily run pretty much every game that comes out, and yet this music software is somehow bringing that same machine to its knees. This has happened suddenly within the past month or so after years with 0 issues on Chrome with as minimal bloatware/plugins/tabs as possible… I don’t get it.

@misa can you confirm that you’re on the latest version of Hookpad? As mentioned on this thread, we had to change some of the guts of the playback engine to get ahead of features that are deprecated and will be shortly removed from most browsers. While this caused some unfortunate issues, we believe we’ve worked through them all and have restored Hookpad’s performance to the way it was before these architecture changes.

Hi Ryan.
I just noticed the stuttering demo song A day at the Beach is no more available.
For me it was the reference song to compare different versions of Hookpad and it was not the only one stuttering.
Edited later to add this:
I played all the 13 demo songs and they sound perfectly.
Let me take the opportunity to say that these demo songs are wonderfull .
I also played a 202 tempo song lasting 4 minutes I copied from a sheet music to test Hookpad and it also played perfecly. I added a Reggae band and still OK.
To me, there is no more stuttering problem :slight_smile:
Bravo !!

We took it down temporarily. I think there is an issue with the Ska Organ on some browsers (Safari in particular), and we don’t think it’s a good “demo” song if it isn’t playing correctly. Hopefully will have it back up soon.

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Per the ‘About Hookpad’ info window, I am on 2.24.3, and still get playback lag I never used to get a month or so ago, and can’t export to WAV without lag/instruments randomly cutting out.

The playback engine is (essentially) the same as it was a month ago, so I’m not sure what could be causing this. Are you experiencing these issues on all browsers?

We also have an older version of Hookpad online here (need to clear cache to use) in order to compare with the current one:

Hookpad has gotten unusable for me the last week or so. I’ve tried to write a few different pieces. Melody notes skip randomly. The full band sounds crackly at times. Performance and reliability have really gotten wonky. Sorry to pile on, but I really came to love this product.

I am using version 2.24.3 on Win10 using the Chrome browser (103.0.5060.134-64 bit).

@Ryan Hey there. Just wanna let you know that playback stuttery hasn´t been solved. The reason I haven´t complained is because it´s ok when I export to a wav og mp3 file. Therefore the Hookpad is usable for me but the stutter is so annoying. Thank you