Playback very "stuttery"

I just re-purchased Hookpad today after having had an earlier version a number of years back but allowed subscription to lapse. Very surprised to see that on latest version playback is very glitchey and stuttery?? Even if I export as an MP3 and play it locally on my PC the MP3 itself is stuttery!! Tried on both Firefox and Chrome.

Web audio in the browser runs with priority, so usually playback stutter is related to your browser lacking sufficient resources. You might take a look at your CPU usage to make sure that the programs you have open aren’t taxing your machine too hard. If it is, you might try restarting your computer or closing some applications to free up some resources

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Same problem here. Also on Microsoft Edge. Impossible to use as it is now!

I tried shutting down everything except Hookpad and also tried running the downloadable application by downloading the app from Chrome. This also makes no difference. Even running the simplest audio (i.e. no band applied) has the issue.

Hello, all. Since the release of the latest version (22.2.1a couple of days ago, I’ve been experiencing the same playback stutter issue on four different devices, all with sufficient memory (resources) and no other browser tabs/windows open. Again, my issues began with 22.2.1; I don’t recall experiencing issues with 22.2.0, the first version of this release which includes significant updates and new instrument options (brass and woodwinds).

CM, Hookpad’s operation has been pretty smooth for the most part for the year+ I’ve been a subscriber this go-round. (I’ve been on-and-off a few times over the last 6 years.) I think that you just had the misfortune of resubscribing at the same time as the release of a buggy version.




Just subscribed two days ago and can confirm problems with the sound ,not possible to listen songs. Until problem is solved i will not be extending my pay monthly.
Also sometimes there is no sound and have to restart browser

I have the same problem and my CPU is an M1 Max chip so I know it’s not caused by the CPU.

Sorry for the trouble everyone, we’re trying to narrow down where this issue could be coming from. Does the playback play at all and has somewhat garbled audio? Or is it that it’s mostly not playing at all?

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I´ve tried three different browsers and the playback is always “stuttery”. Impossible to use as it is.

It looks like there has been an update and based on a quick initial look the issue seems to have been resolved or at least significantly improved. Anyone else notice that?

I am still dealing with the stutter. Also, sluggish download of sounds. I am using a 2019 MB Pro (I5 chip; I envy the M chippers but hope to join your ranks soon) w/16gb of memory. I have tried on latest versions of Chrone, Safari and Firefox browsers

I’m going to see if I can selectively clear the cache for Hookpad and start anew. I’ll also try on Win 10.x PC with 8gb memory later at home…


We’re working hard to try and narrow this down. It would help if we could find out:

  1. Is the stuttering happening when there are a lot of notes/chords/instruments, or is it affecting all playback, e.g., just a few chords with the default band.
  2. Is the playback basically correct, but sounds “glitchy”, like it sounds like it’s clipping, or is it just not playing at all?

The playback is playing but never correct. It stutters randomly. And my experience is it doesn´t matter how many chords or notes you use.

From my point of view:

  1. It does not seem to depend on the number of notes/chords/instruments and
  2. When the issue occurs it is as if it’s dropping the audio randomy for a brief time but it keeps playing and seems to stay in time e.g. if you can count or tap your foot to the tempo when it recovers from a “stutter” it’s in time when it recovers (at least that’s what it seems to me based on a quick test).


We just pushed a new version of Hookpad, v2.22.4, which has several audio optimizations that I hope mitigate this stuttering. We’ve benchmarked the performance to be around 30% improved over version 2.22.0

Can you please update your Hookpad in the browser and let us know if this new version has alleviated the stuttering issues?

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So sorry to say but it´s still stuttering. When I re-launch my browser the version no was 2.22.5 not 2.22.4. I wonder what you did change from the 2.22.0 version? The reason must lie there. Was it just the new drums or something else?

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Thanks for the feedback. We’re trying a couple more things and will hopefully have a new version up shortly.

@easkels the song that stuttering for you, is it a simple song or a complicated one? Would you be able to send the JSON file to me?

Also, for those who are experiencing stuttery audio, can you confirm if you look at your CPU usage, if it is maxing out at 100%? You can do this in Chrome by opening Window → Task Manager

Hi all, we’ve just pushed Hookpad version 2.22.6, this has additional improvements to performance. Please let us know if in this new version the stuttering is better.

Yes the stuttery is better but there´s a new problems. The drums turn off after 2 bars! Very very strange!

What´s a JSON file? No the songs are not complicated. Neither chords or notes.