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Not allowed to use MIDI device despite paying for Hookpad+

I have been paying for Hookpad for some time, and up until the recent updates in the last month or two, I was able to use a MIDI controller. Now I am not. I get a message that says “Enabling MIDI input requires you to purchase Hookpad.”
I have ensured that I am logged in, have used the browser version as well as the Chrome App version, different computers, etc… No ability to use my midi device.
I am using the latest version of Windows 10 Enterprise, and the latest version of Google Chrome.

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I am getting this same error on Mac with Chrome.

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I may have figured it out.

After upgrading, you have to ensure you “log out” and then “log in” afterwards. This refreshes the user privileges, per this thread: Error message. Nothing working. Asks me to repurchase hookpad

I’ve gotten the “enable MIDI” radio button to re-appear. Not at my studio computer at the moment, so can’t verify it will actually allow MIDI input until I am in front of a midi controller, but, it appears corrected at this moment.

Yep, me too. Using a macbook on google chrome. Can’t fix it.

Same! Hope they get it sorted soon.