Issue applying key changes to a section after latest update

There seems to be an issue with the key changes when I apply it to a particular section after the latest update.When I apply a key change to the whole song it works fine, but when applied to a particular section it seems to cause a page refresh onto a white blank page. Also, I am unable to access certain songs where there have been sectional key changes applied in the past. It also gives the same issue where the page refreshes to a white blank page.

Blank page that occurs after applying a key change to a section

Happens when I apply a change with this setting.

Seems as this is the same error that yields to the one described in Bug found in 2.30

@DSchwachhofer This really needs to be fixed soon as hookpad isn’t usable this way. Or please let us know where to find an archived version. Many thanks

Hmm I didn’t see that thread, thanks for linking it. But yes, it does seem to be similar to the issue that I’m experiencing as well. Hopefully it gets fixed soon with a future update or something.