Is multiple voices playing (polyphony) possible?

Hi all, I feel like I’m coming in after the war but I’m still asking my question.

I have searched the forum, the manual, and I can’t find the information I need.

On the manual, it is said that you need “hookpad plus” (Hookpad User Guide) to benefit from polyphony (multiple voices playing), but this version does not seem to exist anymore (

So, is it possible to have polyphony ? If yes, how ?

If not, why is it not present anymore, and what is the interest of the software if we can’t test our melody in its entirety ?

Thank you

Yes in the paid version “hookpad plus”
You will have 4 melody tracks and 1 chord track.

Thanks themotorizzer, but I think you didn’t read my post before answering.

Hookpad plus doesn’t seem to exist anymore (for a while?).

The specs of "hookpad plus " are what you get in the paid version of “hookpad”

Thanks again the motorizzer. I have paid version ( with subscription ).

Do you mean the $149 version? If yes, I don’t see why there would be any difference between these two versions, especially since the presentation of this product here shows that it is not possible to have the polyphony:

there is no one from the hooktheroy team who answers questions on the forum?

ok i get it! i talk about the version with subscription.
with this version you have 4 monophonic tracks (melody tracks) unlike the free version where there is only 1 monophonic melody track.
You can achieve polyphony using multiple monophonic tracks ,but if what you’re looking for is polyphony on 1 track, i don’t have any answer to your question .

Thank you themotorizzer. I think polyphony on one track isn’t possible (while it was apparently in the older versions), which really limits this application.

Edit : The support answered me. It’s possible to do polyphony, but you can’t listen more than one voice.