Individual Chord octaves

Are there plans to include a feature that can move individual chords in the harmony to different octaves that don’t involve using the band to change everything or changing individual notes?

Is it a good guess to presume that no one ever responded to you. Since I first came here the first thing I did was enter a Chord and try to figure out how to change it to another octave. I sure hope it can be done; and, it’s easier than what I’ve found so far. Have you by chance learned how to change the octave of chord? If so, could you share how it’s done? :slight_smile:

Yes, you are correct. I never got a response and no I have not learned how to change the octave. A bit surprised that I haven’t gotten a message in 6 months stating whether this could be done or not.

See Denis’s answer here Raise/lower chord by octaves - #7 by DSchwachhofer

This seems to be referring to changing octaves on the melody or voice line; and yes, I could use ths manually to enter in a Chord with an instrument; and it may come to that. But, otherwise not much help. I’ve found (some) inversions give an illusion of being a higher note; actual,if it’s the root not, but still just an inversion; however, when I saved my file; it seems some of the inversions didn’t hang around. I know I replaced at least one, so it seems it’s also intermittant.
I have another tool I can use; so, I just ‘rented’ this for a month; maybe more; to see if I could find any use in it. So… perhaps… I’ll at least use it to make some quick, idea template… or it’s a way to check out the ‘ear’ on some of the more exotic(?) chord forms. Very subtle at time, this illusion you’ve raised a chord, when you didn’t actually raise it.

So, another possibility I’ve been chewing on… where I need a higher chord. I can create (hopefully midi if it will stop intermittant dropping of an inversion) would be to leave a nice “rest” where this chord goes… Then I could play that midi, or .wave track, change the octave of the new harmony track, and put rests everwhere except where I need notes from another octave… That probably will work; but, if feels like I’m tying one hand behind my back; and trying to prove I don’t need it.

I just would like to add; I listed to Rick Beato; who give commentary on music/artists/theory, etc… and he constatly makes a major complaint that recent music is just too simple; and is missing a lot of flare in music from early decades.

I don’t think this is his age; I observe he’s been doing it since Hookpad came about; and I’m willing to bet; there are a lot of new “song writers” out there that are using it to write (and some of it can see that Hookpad basicially restrains chords to once octave… not even a whole ocatve, 12 notes (& chords) … not even the root an ocatave higher for 13 chords… a sad state of affairs; but, if their goal is to give kids a tool to learn music… well; obviously they’re not trying to make money from professional musicians; nor amaturs trying to learn more theory and turn pro…

So, 1. Some inversions give an illusion of a higher note. (I hand pick them) 2. Working in judiciously selected modes, MAY, give one the option to change a mode and discovering an accidental chord that might work. 3. Save the track leaving RESTs where you would insert a note later… start a new session and work in a different octave, with the new songe being mostly rests, with the occasional substitution where rests exist in the 1st track saved. This is ideal; as I save a track all the time for later composition.

And that’s what I’ve thought of so far. Aside from quite a few bugs…
I’ll just say this… I’m a professional, and a troubleshooter… if they want me to hang around, use this app, pay them for it; and continue to provide bug fixes…
Well, I’m out of here if I 1. Don’t hear from them. 2. They appear to have no interest in fixing their app… and if that’s the case… well, all I can say is… spread the word. It’s not even a particular good teaching tool… at least so far; but, it does have a few features that make me have some hope. :slight_smile:

I will say one thing… for me… This is cementing the theory I already know… So much of this makes a lot of sense… if I just didn’t feel like a blind man trying to find something that HE thinks is there; and proabably should be; but wasting a ton of time just to find out it doesn’t exist …yet? :yo-yo: