Hookpad Release Notes

To get the latest version of Hookpad, relaunch your browser or do a hard reload of the app webpage (shift + refresh button) . This is since the 2.8.0 release where Hookpad became a progressive web app that gets cached for offline use.

2.28.4 (2023.11.25)

Bug fixes

  • Lyrics editor: Punctuation after skip-note and punction after space before word don’t count as unique syllable anymore.
  • Lyrics editor: Words with curly apostrophes are now syllabicated correctly.

2.28.3 (2023.11.22)

Bug fixes

  • Fixing issue with loading songs containing empty lyrics sections sometimes causing Hookpad to crash
  • Fix project scrolls navbar out of sight after opening lyrics editor

2.28.2 (2023.11.18)

Bug fixes

  • Fix test config of hooktheory-auth

2.28.1 (2023.11.18)

Bug fixes

  • Bump hooktheory-auth to 1.0.34 to fix issue with the header of the auth modal in dark mode

2.28.0 (2023.11.18)

What’s new

Improved lyrics editing and new lyrics export

  • Lyrics editor now groups lyrics by section. Moving/editing/removing sections in the section editor will make corresponding edits to your lyrics.
  • Lyrics editor now has a syllable counter that displays syllable counts for each line.
  • Added buttons to control note skipping, as well as a note skip token in the lyrics UI to replace the underscore “_” and “3”. Use these tokens to create a single lyric over multiple notes.
  • Added a new lyrics export to print out lyrics sheets for easy reading.

Bug fixes

  • Serializing compressor and limiter on WAV and MP3 exports to fix compression artifacts that were occuring every 6 seconds or so due to OfflineContext refreshing.
  • Clicking the text label on the WAV stem export radio button no longer toggles relative notation preference.
  • WAV/MP3 export progress bar now properly reports which action is being performed (bouncing, encoding, zipping, compressing)

Under the hood

  • Bump hooktheory-auth to 1.0.33

2.27.0 (2023.11.07)

What’s new

New WAV and MP3 export

  • Migrated export technology to WebAudio OfflineContext. New capabilities include:
    • Exports are now audio glitch-free. Data is recorded when browser resources are available rather than in real time, e.g., exports are now “bounced” rather than “recorded.”
    • For most projects, this means exports happen 2-10X faster than before! :zap::zap:
    • WAV and MP3 export now support track stems! :seedling::seedling: Choose “Track stems” option to export each track type (e.g., lead1, harmony, bass, drums) to separate files at the same time!
  • Instrument stem export now available! From the band browser, click the export icon next to the MIDI clip icon to export a single instrument from the current selection to WAV or MP3.

New Guitar instrument

  • Added a guitar instrument that shows chords in relative notation as you add them to your project and during playback.

Other updates

  • Added an option to display timestamps in section markers. Enable with Settings → App Preferences → Show Timestamps
  • Added Sign in with Apple

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug causing exported sheet music where lyrics contained punctuation directly to the left of some words to fail (e.g. “Hello .now”)

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