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Hookpad Release Notes

To get the latest version of Hookpad, relaunch your browser or do a hard reload of the app webpage (shift + refresh button) . This is since the 2.8.0 release where Hookpad became a progressive web app that gets cached for offline use.

2.18.7 (2020.12.18)

Bug Fixes

2.18.6 (2020.12.18)

Bug Fixes

  • Applied seventh chords in 3rd inversion no longer crash (bug introduced in 2.18.5)
  • Fixed bug causing some inverted suspended seventh chords to leave out the chord 5th

2.18.5 (2020.12.15)

What’s New

  • Changing applied viio seventh chords to fully diminished from half-diminished.
  • New persistent setting for continuous auto scroll, where the score continuously scrolls during playback to keep the scrubber centered. Defaults off.

Bug Fixes

Under The Hood

  • Added ability to not cache instruments on loading a project
  • When multiple app instances are on a single page and one instances requests to play while another is playing, the other instance now pauses.
  • Namespaced CSS styles so Hookpad styles/CSS don’t modify external content when Hookpad app instances are rendered on webpages
  • Enabled an inline configurable score + instrument player.

2.18.4 (2020.09.25)

Bug Fixes

  • Fast double tap in the control bar in iOS no longer causes the entire app to “zoom”. This is a standard accessibility feature for iOS Safari webpages, but doesn’t make sense in Hookpad.
  • Fixed issue with section paste using whatever was on clipboard, even if not a section. Now section paste only works if a section has been copied to the clipboard.

2.18.3 (2020.09.22)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed selection light-up indexing issue in projects with notes or chords that span the bounds of segments or lines. Bug introduced in 2.18.0.

2.18.2 (2020.09.21)

What’s New

  • Added rewind button for Hookpad Player in Hooktheory Classroom.

Bug Fixes

2.18.1 (2020.09.14)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when clicking “sections” when the project had no sections. Bug introduced in 2.18.0.
  • Defaulting to regular (non-touch) controls. 2.18.0 accidentally pushed with touch controls as default. Since this is a persistent app setting, see Preferences -> App Preferences -> Touch Controls if you want to restore the normal controls.
  • Removed drawing of extra selected measures during measure selections that caused slow performance with large measure selection regions.
  • Removed note staff preferences when not showing note staff
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to nudge tooltips
  • Fixed tooltip for zoom out touch control
  • Added tooltips to chord palette labels

2.18.0 (2020.09.09)

What’s New

  • On touch devices, added a magnifying glass when editing notes to show what is under your finger. This is on by default but can be turned off in Preferences -> App Settings -> Peek Under Finger.
  • New touch control bar that prioritizes delete, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, nudge, and zoom. This is off by default but can be turned on in Preferences -> App Settings -> Touch Controls
  • New app setting for the height of notes. Support 6px - 24px (default is 10px). On touch devices, I recommend increasing the height to at least 16 px. See Preferences -> App Settings -> Note Height.
  • New app setting to hide the labels in the control bar for a minimalist look once you learn the icons. See Preferences -> App Settings -> Show Labels In GUI.
  • Simplified the measure context GUI (it gets activated by selecting measures). My head spun looking at it before.
  • Improved tooltips throughout the GUI. On touch, do a long press to see the tooltip.
  • Rearrange sections by dragging them left/right in the section staff. This doesn’t work on the section flags“flags” in the score; only in the section staff.
  • Improved formatting and organization of preferences menu

Bug Fix

  • Fixed crash when selecting popular chord palette before clicking any other palette.
  • Fixed the meter for the master level spilling into a second row on mobile Safari.

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