Help: finish this chord progression?

I’m trying to write chord progressions that use all chords from major and another parallel mode (once and only once). This one is for major and Lydian, and I can’t figure out an ending that I like. Does someone else want to give it a shot?

Strictly following the rules, only the major chords are left (or the equivalent Lydian I, iii, V and vi). Ideally it should resolve back to A at the end so it can start again. I know this is a random challenge, but if someone wants to try it I’d love to see what you come up with. in the meantime I’ll keep working on it.

Also, I started it in 7/4 time signature, which maybe was a bad idea. Feel free to change anything about it.

EDIT: Finally came up with something

I like it! The part in the middle of the progression sounds like it’s in the key of E, than the D en E(7) cadence leads you back to the Amajor key. :slight_smile: The suspended chords sound very good too, this could be in a song or something :slight_smile: It sounds very “normal”, except the iisus4-ii. I expected to hear IIsus4-II. But it’s great to “modulate” back to A. great job!

Thanks so much! The ii chord was where I got stuck - I really wanted to use the major II there, but I had already used it earlier. I eventually decided that easing into the minor ii with sus4 sounded decent enough to work. The hardest part about these is finding a chain of cadences so the whole thing does sound “normal”. Here are the others I’ve done.