Chord progression challenge

I’ve started trying to write 8-bar chord progressions that use all the major-scale diatonic chords, plus all the chords from a parallel mode, exactly once. So far I’ve done major/minor, major/Dorian, and major/Phrygian. It’s a pretty entertaining challenge. I figured I’d post them here, in case anyone has suggestions for improvements, or wants to try it themselves.

(I decided the minor tonic is optional, by the way.)

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@jtullis, really enjoyed this, especially the Major/Phrygian progression. Have you thought about trying to write some melodies as well?

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I hadn’t, actually - I’m not particularly skilled with melodies - but I’ll give it a shot once I finish the rest of the modes. (Not looking forward to Locrian…)

New: Major/Lydian progression