Exported MIDI is different from Hookpad


All of this might just be me misunderstanding things, but I’ve come across a few oddities that I can’t quite make sense of when exporting MIDI from Hookpad.

I’ve made this little chord progression: http://www.hooktheory.com/hookpad/view/B2Us8Wv-ehSd
All is well, but if I export the MIDI I get something different. In my world I would get a single track with that chord progression, but I don’t - and it gets worse.

For one the harmony track alone only contain the chord triads. Using a bass track I get the added notes as well, so combining those two tracks and cleaning them up works for getting a single track (albeit it’s not the ideal solution)
However the harmony track isn’t correct - the chords are basically inversions. For instance the root of the first i (c#) chord, which would be a C#, is G#… That makes no sense to me. The bass track follows the root notes of the chords properly, but why is the harmony track basically inverted?

I know about octave shifting in the mixer and this was exported with everything at 0.

As I mentioned this is probably me just misunderstanding something, and I guess I could just shift the harmony track accordingly to get everything in place, but is that really the way?

If it is this intricate to simply get the “WYSIWYG” MIDI out, then wouldn’t it be a good idea to make a simple chord + melody MIDI export? That way all melody tracks are exported as their own track and then a chord track with everything as it should be. It sure would make my life a lot easier, and I thought that was the way it worked when I bought my Plus membership, so that I could easily get the MIDI into my DAW, instead I have to do all kinds of extra work.

Again there’s probably some reasoning here that I’m missing (I’m still fairly new to this stuff), so if anyone could enlighten me that would be much appreciated. :smile:

I second being able to export raw, WYSIWYG chords. Would make instrumentation and “building” in sequencers and DAWs much nicer.

That said, as it stands, even the basic triad export is a pain because of the ghost note bug, which is not fixed yet (MIDI export ommiting random chord notes?).

Also, the export is always an extra bar long.

All these things add up and between cleaning up, correcting length, finding missing notes and properly combining bass with chord notes it all becomes really tedious, considering it has to be done every time.