Cannot view entire melody area without zooming out (no vertical scrolling) on Chrome/Firefox

As of several days ago, I am unable to view the entire melody area when using Hookpad+ on several desktop web browsers. When I open saved projects, the first two rows of measures are visible and the third is partially visible. However, there is no scrollbar to scroll vertically; the only way to view the entire melody area is to use the browser’s zoom tool (not the global zoom provided within Hookpad).

The “Band” pop-out frame from the bottom of the screen also does not function correctly anymore. The pop-out only displays if I have used the browser to zoom out far enough that I can see the final row of measures onscreen. Prior to several days ago, the pop-out would show at the bottom of the screen when the “Band” button was clicked, regardless of the actual position of the melody area within its containing frame.

I have confirmed this problem persists on Chrome and Firefox. I have even tried using different user agents in Chrome to spoof accessing the app as other browsers with no resolution. Edit: Opera is successful at displaying the scrollbars.

The issue appears to be similar to the issue described here where another user reported lack of scrolling.

The screenshot below illustrates the lack of scrollbar on the right-hand side and inability to see into the third row of measures.

I have completed a virus scan with no problems, and disabled all extensions to try and troubleshoot. This issue appears to be isolated to my computer, though – I am able to login and use the interface just fine on another computer in my home.

Is this happening for a particular song you have saved or is this for all songs and only on this particular computer? I’m assuming you have tried clearing your cache (no sure why that would make a difference though given it’s happening on multiple browsers on just this computer).


I suddenly lost the scroll. I can not get down.

It seems like an error in Chrome browser.