Whats with the tiny fonts etc. with HP+2 & No Vertical Scroll

Just came on to try HP+ 2 and see how it compares, glad to say I actually like it, but…

  1. Why is the interface so tiny at 100%, I know there is a zoom control but HP 1 UI was a nice size, HP 2 UI is minute and text so so small.

  2. When zoomed in to see 8 measures fill my screen width (1920x1100 Screen) and V.Zoom to distinguish stave depths, there is no vertical scroll bar. I tried to use my scroll wheel to go down the page (I was using the “Fire” classical demo score as an example and once play indicator left measure 16 I couldn’t follow along, I couldn’t scroll the page down and it did not scroll automatically down to follow the play indicator position.

I am using Windows Edge, not sure if that’s the issue, but as its company policy to only use Edge I am stuck if I try ideas out in my lunch break.

[UPDATE] Just tried it in Opera and I can scroll, Yippee. However still a tiny UI having to zoom in to see anything clearly, still a great product though :smile:

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the report. Can you send a screen shot so we can see what you mean by “tiny” UI?


Hi Dave

Please find attached two screenshots, one using Edge which has no vertical scrolling capability either via mouse wheel or scrollbar (absent) and the other using Opera which gives me scrolling capabilities. Both browsers seem to cram the workplace UI to the left and is so small compared with HP 1. I have to zoom in every time which is a slight annoyance as it doesn’t seem to remember the zoom you have used previously. I just find the measures a bit small and especially the fonts down the left side of the staves, which disappear off screen when you zoom in even when you horizontally scroll right over to the left-hand side.

Apologies for the very wide screenshots, though HP is full screen in the screenshots I have a dual monitor set-up and Snip-It seems to want to fuse them together for whole screen captures.

Hope this helps,


Also relevant:

I think the new layout for displaying Theorytabs could be improved upon. At the very least, there’s a lot of white space on either side adding nothing to the current layout. Maybe have them in rows instead?