Any plans for an API

Hey guys

I’m wondering if you have plans of developing an API?

Are you looking for an API for Hookpad, or an API to access cord/melody data in TheoryTab database? About six months ago we built an API that exposes all of the chord probability information used by Trends, but we have not publicized it or publicly documented it. [If you are interested, let us know] We don’t yet have a full API to expose the raw data behind any given TheoryTab; but it is something we hope to build in the future. So far we have been working with interested developers of more of a 1-on-1 basis. In general, we are quite open with our data and have even provided full database dumps for developers / artists and anyone interested in using the data in innovative ways.

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Hey,Thanks for the reply

I’m interested in an API that I can use to query chord/melody data in midi format.

I’m thinking of developing an idea I have for personal use first and see where it goes from there.

Maybe we can discuss via email or chat?



I am certainly interested in an API to access the database information. I’d also be interested in the aforementioned one-time database dump for an AI project I’m working on for school. I emailed three days ago without a response as of yet. Is this the best address I should be using? Any feedback would be most appreciated.

=D Brianna

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@lotsa_smiles and @harlandjp, I just responded to another API request post and put up some docs on our Trends API. See the post here: (Hooktheory Forum Topic) Database access / API or go directly to the Hooktheory Trends API Docs

Some progressions are found on the Trends page but not on the API. Any idea as to how this happens?

Also, how often is the database updated to reflect the changes in new Theorytabs and edits?

Thanks Chris! Will take a look.

Dear wonderful-people-who-have-blown-my-mind,

I’m a Comp Sci noob (please be nice) but good with data and getting better at gigantic data like this, and i’m having a lot of fun with R. I can’t wait to get up in your data!!

What I don’t see from your API is how to get is all chord progression probabilities. I mean, I could build a 20orso-level loop that queries all the iterations, but I’m scared I kill your api.

For another visualization it would also be good to get all the chord progressions in all songs.

May I please obtain a data dump? I’ll be happy to discuss my intentions privately (

Thanks again, and you rock!

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Hi guys
Is it possible to make available an API to download a MIDI file of any given tab?
I’m thinking of developing a live for max component that automatically downloads and insert the the MIDI data in the arrangement.
The API can be throttled, it’s just for personal use.