Iphone version of book

I have an iPhone4. Just purchased your App ( $18.00 ) which i thought was ridiculous to pay but then I looked at your website found hookpad which is free, so i purchased the App thinking obviously the content on you website will be on the app…? Unfortunately it didn’t deliver what i was expecting. The tutorial video’s do NOT work. Hookpad is not available or even listed? Instead 20 pages of text theory…are you serious? I love a good dose of theory but $18 for theory thats availabe online for free? Robbery!! Please the last thing I want to hear is you telling me “yes we have plans to introduce…” BLA BLA BLAI So did I just invest something without knowing I was investing? I think HOOKPAD is an genius idea but I need to contact Apple now about this.

@cabledigital I’m very sorry you bought our textbook when you thought it was the Hookpad app. If you have trouble getting a refund from Apple, I’d be happy to paypal you or send you a check for a full refund.

For our part we’ll work on making the description on the app store more obvious. The wording makes it clear it’s a book, but I totally understand that being on an app store could easily make you think it’s something else! We’ll make this better.

For the record, we think our textbook is a great value and far superior to what can be found on-line “for free”. It takes a tremendous amount of development effort to create the content and the entire ecosystem (Hookpad, ear training, the Theorytab database) that we’ve built around it. Many students at schools who are used to paying > $100 for their textbooks are thrilled with the price. That said, with app prices being pushed lower and lower in a race to the bottom, I understand where you’re coming from. We think when you pay $.99 you’re going to get $.99 worth of quality though.