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Add more customization to a user's hooktheory / theorytab profile

seems kinda bland as it is, no? the only information we can see about a user is the date they’ve joined and their contributions, which doesn’t give much insight about a person. i know it’s a lot to ask, but i think adding the ability to customize this page would be pretty cool. maybe adding things like showing the user’s gravatar, allowing a description / status message to be set, etc. and maybe if someone is on the hot/top contributors list, they’d get a little badge under their name / avatar? that might be fun, encouraging users to contribute often and such. overall i think it’d be good for the community as a whole, since you’d be able to see a whole lot more about a contributor besides the date they joined (sorta trivial information to include on such a limited-information page) and their contributions.

also footnote: unless i’m misinformed, it is unnecessarily complicated to get to your own profile.


no option in this menu takes you to hooktheory.com/user/profile/(username), and for some reason the username part is greyed out / unclickable, which seems like it’d make a good fit for accessing your own profile. the only way you can access your own profile through the site without typing the URL into the browser is by going to a page you’ve contributed a tab to and clicking your name. seems as if this has been an oversight for a while (Be able to go directly to profile when clicking your avatar).