Be able to go directly to profile when clicking your avatar

When hovering over your avatar, you should be able to go directly to your public profile, instead of having to go to “My Account” and then the profile link.

A simple addition of a link to the profile should not be difficult to add in, and should have existed in the first place.

are you talking about on the forum or on the main site?

I’m talking about the main site.

It has been almost 3 years, still no link to your TheoryTab profile from the main website dropdown menu.

Here’s even a mockup:

And its HTML code:

<ul class="dropdown-menu">
<!-- existing code... -->
	<li><a href="/account" class="" title="Check my site access, update my username, email, or password.">My Account</a></li>
	<li><a href="/user/profile/bigyihsuan" class="" title="View your TheoryTab profile.">My TheoryTab Profile</a></li>
	<li class="hr"></li>
	<li><a href="/subscriptions" class="" title="Configure my email notifications">My Notifications</a></li>
<!-- existing code... -->

"/user/profile/bigyihsuan" will be should be replaced with "/user/profile/$username".