Youtube videos not showing up in search by chords

In “search by chords”, it only plays songs with the piano and there’s no option to have it play the youtube videos anymore. Did I miss something?

We ended up disabling YouTube in that section because if a song with a bad YouTube was loaded in to the player, it would get it into an unstable state and sometimes it couldn’t recover.

Will this be fixed eventually? That was one of my favorite things to do on this site. I’d rather have it crash occasionally than not be able to watch youtube videos there.

Yeah. In the meantime you can still click on the song title after you’ve found it through the trends search and it will take you to the main theorytab page where the YouTube video does work.


This error occurs when youtube tries to remove some content from the youtube platform. At that time youtube shuts down the search filter. This is normally fixed in a day or two. You can check other scenario of youtube filter not working here. As sometimes results will not appear because of the filters itself lol