Youtube video keeps poping up when not needed

Ok so ive been having issues when writing lyrics down. I wanted to write lyrics in the bridge and as soon as i had the bridge with melody ready to make lyrics it kept opening a youtube video saying “sync” it really bothered me because i tried for an hour to permantly close that so i could make my lyrics

We’re sorry for your troubles! Let me ask you a few question which might help to fix that:

  • Is this a project with an attached youtube video?
  • When the video section pops up, can you still see the buttons at the top of Hookpad? (edit, preferences, etc.)
  • Which Hookpad version are you on?
  • What browser and operating system do you use?

Ok so the project has no youtube video attached to it it’s an original by me, the version I’m using is 2.28.4 and I’m using Chrome to make my projects on Laptop and on desktop I have it downloaded which I believe still used chrome. When this mistake/bug happens I can no longer see the file edit settings so I’m completely stuck trying to get rid of the bug by having to exit out having to delete my whole project. I hope it’s not just me being incompetent of not knowing it’s feature :sweat_smile:

Ok, thanks! I could replicate it. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here is one work-around I found to scroll the page up again and get the NavBar back:

  1. Deselect the lyrics editor
  2. Press “O” to open a new song
  3. Click on “Continue”
  4. Now the “Open song” window should push your Hookpad window back to the top again
  5. Click “Cancel” to go back to your song again