Youtube Video cannot be transferred to notes/chords

Hi There!
I am new to Hookpad. I want to analyse and contribute chord progressions from Youtube Videos. But I’m having issues with the transfer. Already watched Ryans Video (title: Loading and synchronizing a YouTube video in the Hooktheory Music Editor).

My Music Editor looks different than Ryan’s in the video.
I managed to load a video via “Settings”. Already set start/end and pressed “test the synch”, but no chords are showing up in the tab section. :frowning:
Can somebody please explain how I can get the chords visualized?
I would love to use this amazing tool!!!

I’m using a German keyboard, but I think that could not be the problem.
It just doesn’t transfer the notes during the synched playback.

Help please!
Thanks, Hilda


To be clear, Hookpad can’t automatically translate what it hears into a chord progression and melody. Once you have the sync set up, you put in the chords yourself by ear. The sync is just so the playback of the chords and is aligned correctly with the video.


Thank you, Dave, for the clarification! Now, Hooktheory became more human to me :slight_smile: Maybe my misunderstanding came from the last days using a program named Riffstation, which analyses Youtube videos, showing chords and guitar tabs.
Hooktheory is still a great thing and I’m looking forward to improve my hearing/analyzing skills!