YouTube Syncing Issue

I’m trying to sync a song to the YouTube video, but it won’t sync. I mean, the beginning of the song is synced, but it quickly desyncs after that. Is there a way to fix this? The tutorial is no help and the only other forum I found didn’t have any answers.

Could you describe the issue better? Did you remember to click “Sync to video” in the tempo menu? Does the song change tempo in the section?

Most importantly, do you have a link? That would let us see what song you’re doing, and maybe see what the issue is.

One of the problems is that sync to video makes it significantly faster than the video.


That’s why we need a link, to see specifically what the issue is.
Here’s the link.

And for reference, here’s what I have in the editor.

I see what your problem is. You need to trim the last line to 2 measures. Drag the stick with a square on it to the left until you only have 2 measures in that last line.

This isn’t a bug. This is because the tab thinks that you’re trying to have 24 measures, rather than the 18 you actually need. As a result, Hookpad sets the tempo to something much faster than what the real tempo is.