Youtube Sync Messed Up

After the most recent Hookpad update, the youtube sync for almost all Theorytabs have been messed up - including ones that I had synced perfectly and now are off my over two notes. I don’t know if there is any way to fix this, but please try to figure out what caused the problem so that it doesn’t happen after every update.

Hey @jackscores01,

Are you saying that theorytabs that you had created before this update now appear to be out of sync? Maybe you could give us an example of one?

This update did not touch the theorytab player (only Hookpad), so all theorytab pages are running the same code as they have been for at least a few months now.

Also, the Hookpad change was just one line of code that we use to sanitize lyrics for sheet music export:

Is it possible that either then or now that you are using bluetooth headphones/earbuds? I know that sounds silly, but that latency is enough to cause a pretty significant sync issue.