YouTube Links Broken

I recently purchased a Chord Crush membership and I’m finding it very frustrating that so many of the YouTube links are broken or blocked. I keep being fed the same 5 or 6 songs. Can you please update the broken links? I love the idea of this product, but it is currently not delivering what I was marketed (over 40k songs).


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I’ve sadly come to realize that the Crush mode (real songs mode) in Chord Crush is utterly and completely broken and unusable. I’ve been using the free version for months, hoping something will change. It’s not just bad. It’s fundamentally broken. It cycles through the same five songs, plus endless broken links. Using the mode is literally just a waste of time. There is zero educational or entertainment value in it.

It needs to be removed entirely from advertising, because it’s essentially false advertising at this point.

Ya, if they don’t fix it it really should not be marketed. Very disappointing.