YouTube and Hookpad Speed Synchronizing

Hello Hooktheory team,

Here is a screen shot for a feature request. If you think this is a good idea then like this post for visibility.

Musically yours,
Stephen J. Souza

@musicianman, can you clarify? Are you trying to play the YouTube at less than its default frame rate? Syncing the Hookpad analysis with the YouTube video is obviously possible, but this must not be what you are talking about.

Hello Chris,

Thanks for the quick reply. If I had a song/video i want to transcribe/analyze into Hookpad that is a bit fast, I would like to be able to slow it down to 1/4 or 1/2 the speed to help with the transcribing process.

Here is a detailed example.:

Say a song is synced up to Hookpad and has a tempo of 200 BPM. Things pass by quickly at this tempo. I can slow down the YouTube video with the built in options to 1/2 speed which means I have to manually set Hookpad to 100 BPM to sync them up. This can be done manually now but it would be great if it was an incorporated feature.

Musically yours,
Stephen J. Souza

I get what you’re saying and I like it, but you can’t control the video playback speed with the YouTube controls because the interface doesn’t appear.

So yes, I want this and a way to control the speed, pretty much in the way that @musicianman is talking about.

Hi @musicianman, the iFrame YouTubeAPI, which we are now using, does support this so it is possible. We have essentially stopped all development of our Flash codebase for Hookpad (current production code) and all new effort is in our Hookpad 2 codebase.

I will make sure this makes it on to the wish list for Hookpad 2.

Hello again,

Thanks for the support for this request and looking forward to the release of Hookpad 2.

Musically yours,
Stephen J. Souza