Your Favorite Band Settings?

I have been jotting down song ideas into my Hookpad, but I haven’t spent much time with the different band / instrument options.

I am just curious what other people like the best for band settings.


I use Hookpad with the intention of exporting to MIDI to continue working in Reaper so I prefer creating band templates that will give me a variety of options and include instruments with different voicings (I only use Hookpad for chord progressions.)

Starting from the default template I usually always add a full voicing piano and a thumb bass sustain. I’ll also often include a few pad or string sounds to fill things out as well as an acoustic and electric guitar with different picking/arpeggio styles.

The octave sliders are pretty unpredictable (so use your ears), but as more elements are added it’s important to give them space (note/timbre wise), and having the octave sliders in different spots can change the instrument voicings, adding harmonic complexity that isn’t otherwise noticeable.