You need to have a chord picker/selector

I am unable to plug in chords from song tabs on the internet. For example I want to enter G D Dm E C and I am unable to do so. These are basic to some simple songs and yet hookpad does not allow this. I want to write new melodies with this chord progression but hookpad does not allow it. You need a chord picker or selector where I can just pick the chord i want to put in and then have it put it into the chord area.
If not , do you know some software that will allow this?
john B

Hi John,
As frustrating as it is to not be able to simply toss in chords, this is certainly for the best in the long term, as it forces you to learn functional harmony and intuit a sense of how the song works as a whole.
Is the chord progression you describe up above from a real song? If so, which one? I can try help you figure out what lies beneath it.

Hi Ibuki,

Yes this is from a real song called “neon rainbow” by the box tops. I attached the tabs sheet for you to see. I want to plug in the cords listed in the tabs sheet but I have to search around for the Dm then I am unable to use the E chord at all. This has happened with many other songs that i have attempted to plug into Hooktheory from the tab sheets. I would like to use the chords from other songs and then write my own melody to them.

Neon Rainbow chords

`Neon Rainbow

G D Dm E
The city lights, the pretty lights, they can warm the coldest nights,
All the people going places, smiling with electric faces,
What they find the glow erases, and what they lose the glow replaces,
D D7 G Bm F E7
And life is love in a neon rainbow, a neon rainbow.
Here you go! You can select to copy into hookpad by opening the menu of “Verse”.

  1. Can this work for most songs on youtube?
  2. Is there a tutorial on how to use this feature?
    thanks so much for your help
    john b