You are not authorized view this resource (HTTP Status 403)

Hi I received the following error message from Hookpad when trying to load one of the student compositions. I selected My Courses from the menu, selected a class, then View Student Songs. I can see student compositions in the list, but I can’t load any of them.

Could this be caused by two staff members (both working from home) using one set of login details to view student work?

Thanks for your help.

SOLVED - Mostly
Ok, I was logged into Hooktheory with my account details, however, I was not logged into Hookpad correctly. It was still logged in with a previous users account.

Using the Switch Accounts button on the error above did not resolve the issue as that was directing me to login to Hooktheory, not Hookpad. Once I used the small round icon in the top right menu I was able to change user and access projects normally.

Glad you were able to resolve. As you’ve figured out, the Hookpad App login is different under the hood than the Hooktheory website. Clicking on a student assignment while logged out of Hookpad will yell at you if you aren’t logged in to both. We will consider making it more obvious.

Hi Dave. Love what you guys are doing with the site and software.
Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Hey @mrbutlermusic, there was another bug in Hookpad that also showed up here. When you clicked “Switch Accounts” and signed in, if you already had that account registered with Hookpad (in the top right user menu) but weren’t on that account, it wasn’t actually switching to that account. This would make it show the 403 authorization error again, even after logging in with the right account. I fixed this today.