Yet More Spam Songs
This is getting annoying and way out of hand! Delete all of these, please!

I swear please DO NOT delete o8y. it’s a piece of Theorytab history and was created around 2016. deleting the others are fine

But as soon as I say this its too late as if a spam song is on the “Newest” page its gonna get deleted within 48 hours

It looks like many of these are demonstrations of bugs or tables of difficult to reach chords, both of which I feel should have a place somewhere.

I have several bugged files of my own I’ve been meaning to write bug reports on eventually, but I’m not sure the best way to share the files.

I also have several extensive chord and cadence progression tables I’ve been working on, and would maybe like to share them with the community someday.

Is there a place for stuff like this that I’m not aware of?

Wow literally the next most recent forum post was a comment on a feature request for something similar.

Just in case you’re not aware of that feature - you can share unsubmitted projects if you go to File > Create a Shareable URL. I think for bug reports this is definitely the better way to do this, so we don’t flood the Database with bug report Tabs. I’ve made that exact mistake only yesterday, because I didn’t realise you could share Hookpad projects without submitting them.
As for your chord tables, I think the music theory category is exactly for stuff like that. I would certainly be interested in reading your tables.

Yeah that kind of works, but I don’t think there’s any way to open a sharable URL in Hookpad like you can with TheoryTabs. I tried taking the ID from a shareable URL and splicing it into a URL from a TheoryTab I opened, and it seemed to work… until I logged out.

It might just require any logged in user, so maybe if you try opening this test project it’ll work for you. If you get in, would you mind trying to make some changes and saving it? Try removing the sharable URL too. The unique ID makes me nervous – I just want to make sure that if it does work to share it in this way, the original can’t be changed.

Yes, it works. Good idea to splice the URLs. I think when the URL says “?idOfSong=” it’s equivalent to opening a TheoryTab in Hookpad, which doesn’t let you edit that Tab. When you actually go into the edit mode the URL says “?idOfWiki=”.

I tried editing your project and saving it, but it just creates a new file on my account. The link you provided still leads to the same unchanged project. Because I’m just opening a copy of the original, I can’t view and delete the shareable URL. I can only create a new one once I’ve saved the project to my account.

Splicing the ID into a URL with the “?idOfWiki=” part leads to this error message:

Sweet! Looks like we have a way to share stuff outside of the DB then.

yeah its mad annoying seeing someone’s “uwu little test song i cooked up :point_right: :point_left:” clogging up da recently added when its clear the only reason its there is to try and get praise. it offends my sensibilities as an unhappy eccentric

id say its basically to see the metrics for free without purchasing hookpad