Will not activate

I subscribed and logged in but it won’t let me use full features


Same here - I am on monthly subscription yet most of the functions are still blocked. its either shit misinformation or a bug, I wrote to customer service. I am rather unhappy now

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Hi Mike,
It looks like you had some duplicate account issues that were, I think, resolved with support. Let me know if that is not the case (or open another support ticket - which is probably the easiest for dealing with account issues like this).

Typically when people find they don’t have features they paid for it is because they purchased Hookpad while not logged in and for some reason didn’t receive or see the activation email to link up the purchase with the account. If you can’t find that, email support can help you get activated (you should be activated now though).

Hope that helps

My situation is similar except I used the FREE version. My screen kept going all white and blank when I tried to activate the Pad.

Hello @Abastar7456,

I tried looking for your purchase under this username and the email associated with it but was not able to find any unactivated purchases. Please write to our support email support@hooktheory.com, and we will gladly help you solve this issue!


I’m experiencing the same issue, I already subscribed but I’m prompted to purchase to use features .

@disswhatimsayin Hello, I checked your account and it looks like you were able to activate your purchase! Please let us know if you need more help by sending us an email to support@hooktheory.com :slight_smile: