Why write a blog post saying how HP2 is out when not all of HP1's functionality isn't implemented?

With the announcement blog post for Hookpad 2, I thought it was actually feature complete until I read the post.

Just to be clear: Hookpad 2 is far superior than Hookpad 1, with changeable tempos, key signatures, time signatures, and more functionality in general.

However, Youtube video attachment, and thus Theorytab integration, is completely absent in Hookpad 2 as of this post. Thus, even though HP2 include many quality of life improvements and bug fixes over HP1, you are still shoveled into HP1 in order to contribute to the Theorytab database.

Devs, people are paying you $5 per month subscription for an incomplete piece of software that has been incomplete for months. I was expecting at least some sort of hack to get Youtube attachment, at least.

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We’re working on it, but figured people would want Hookpad 2 as quick as possible. We consider the Theorytab integration completely separate from Hookpad Plus as you don’t have to pay money to analyze songs.

We should have the Theorytab viewer ready in the next few days actually. Actually analyzing new theorytabs in Hookpad 2 will follow shortly after.