Why not entire songs in the Theory Tab Database?

The Theory Tab Database is of great value, especially for musicians which are less experienced with progressions and music theory. But why can’t i find there entire songs instead of snippets of songs like vers and chorus?

Is this a copyright issue i am not aware of? https://chordify.net does provide (simplified) chords for the entire song. I think it would add value less in terms of progressions, as those are repetitive and are often already nailed in the song snippets mentioned above. But in terms of learning how to use progressions in the context of a whole composition, how to arrange a song, building suspense etc. I think this would easily double the benefit of hookpad both as a learning and also as a composition tool.

As i understand is the content of the database mainly created by users so why not open the possibility for them to do that.

Thank you

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Agreed! I’ve been stitching together a bunch of songs from TheoryTab into Hookpad so I can figure out how key changes between sections are written.

A link to “Open All In Hookpad” that automatically stitches them together would work great for my needs, but would require an extra list for the section order, since for example Uptown Girl by Billie Joel goes Verse > Pre-Chorus > Chorus > Verse > Bridge > Verse, but stitching them in order directly would lead to an awkward Verse > Pre-Chorus > Chorus > Bridge.

The understanding of key changes between different song parts is actually another good reason for having entire songs. Thanks for mentioning!


Hooktheory is a ghost project since a long time now. I wouldn’t expect any major change