Why is there only one octave available when writing harmony?!

Maybe I missed something here but I am having a hard time figuring out how to use more than 8 notes when writing progressions.
If the 2nd to last note in my progression is a VII I have virtually no option but to go downward in my progression to the next note. I couldnt go from a VII up to a I this makes it really hard to write longer progressions…
If I try to an invert a chord so that one note goes outside of the octave, it just defaults to the lower root in that same octave.
As a plus user I find myself very frustrated with this limitation.

You can go outside of the one octave by moving notes up and down with the arrow keys (I think you get five total, and there’s even a way to go past that if you really really need to). And holding shift with the arrow keys will move the note up or down a full octave.

When I select a Chord, the chord’s note shows up in the pallette, as soon as I move my mouse away from the chord, the notes disappear so it is impossible for me to select them individually. When I select a chord and press shift up it just goes to the next chord. ie, from I-ii

I have access to do what you speak of only when I am adding a melodic voice

Oh, okay, I thought that’s what you were talking about. You can’t directly change the voicing of chords in the way you describe, but there are a couple workarounds. One option is to click on Mix and move the Harmony “octave” slider around, which will move the range of chords up and down, but this affects the whole tab, so in your example, any other I chords will move up an octave as well.

The other option, which will do exactly what you want but is more time consuming, is to completely mute the chords and create the voicing individually with the melody voices. The octave placement of each chord isn’t inherently vital to the substance of a progression, so I understand why they haven’t implemented a feature that lets you do it easily and perfectly, but maybe they will at some point.