Why does add11 remove the fifth

In hookpad a triad with add11 (e.g. C(add11)) will be voiced with a root in the bass and a root, third and 11 in the harmony (so in the case of C(add11) there’ll be a C in the bass and a C, E and F in the harmony). However what kind of confuses me is why the fifth is omitted so can someone explain

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That’s a bug, thanks for reporting.

@Ryan on theorytabs add11 still omits the 5th

@Vaz123, thanks. Theorytab contains the same codebase as Hookpad but we haven’t yet pushed this change to Theorytab yet, but we’ll get to that shortly.

Thank you, @Vaz123! 2.12.4 builds of Hookpad and Hookpad Player fix this.

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@chris a 7th chord sus4 in first inversion (doesn’t matter what seventh it is) also omits the 5th