Where to go next after Hooktheory I?

Just finished Hooktheory I, absolutely loved it. The explanation on uses of cadence chords and the paths it gives you are amazing.

I am absolutely going to purchase Hooktheory II but i wanted to continue the studying and understand what the use of add9, sus4 as well as the Minor progressions. I’m having trouble finding anything that makes sense, virtually everything online talks the technical aspects but not the harmonic effect.

Apologies for posting in this forum but does anyone have any recommendations where i can further my education?

@rolfman79, you should consider jamming with other musicians. It’s a great place to learn, but even more, its a ton of fun.

Interested in knowing as well as Hooktheory II has no release date right now

I’ve found some good articles on http://music.tutsplus.com/categories/music-theory regarding chords eg. http://music.tutsplus.com/series/adding-flavor-to-chords--audio-21483