Where can i get to the music editor?

where can i get to the music editor ? In the video they say on the navigation bar but i do not have some. And everytime I click on “Write a song with Hookpad” i get the welcome note but nothing else.

  1. Go to the main http://hooktheory.com site.
  2. Sign up on the main site, not here on the forum. The accounts are NOT linked.
  3. Mouse over the upper right hand corner, click on “My Tabs”.
  4. Click on the plus icon on the top right to make a tab and go to the editor.

But when I click on “Create a new tab”, i just get the welcome and theres a notification that I need Flash Player. Nothing else. And I do have Flash Player.

Sounds like it’s not installed correctly. Try reinstalling. It should work, just checked.

It is 100% installed correctly. Otherwise i could not use other sites. And it has also the latest updates, just checked.

Sorry you are having trouble. What browser and OS are you using?

I am using Firefox and Windows 8.1.