When will trends API be accessible again?

Dear Hooktheory team,

Love your site! I am hoping to do some own analyses on chord progressions and melodies in pop music. The following link to the Trends API


indicates that “The Trends API is down for maintenance until 5.6.2015”, which was some months ago. Any idea on when this resource will again become available?


Hi @norkish, I brought this up with the team this morning. I will post back here when I have an answer. It ended up with lower priority than other products over the summer but now may be a good time to revive it.

Thanks, @chris! I’m hoping to do some graduate research in this area and would greatly appreciate the resource!

I wonder the same thing :slight_smile:

The API will be available again shortly. We had to implement throttling, which is almost done. My target is to push it back to production within two weeks. In the mean time, I brought back the Hooktheory API Documentation page that describes what the API exposes.

The Hooktheory API is live again. Sorry for the delay. Here is the updated Hooktheory API Documentation